Telemadrid creates set with open space, massive video walls

The final component of the network’s new look is a sprawling, ultra modern studio set that includes an inlaid version of the new logo in the center of the space.

A half-ring shaped anchor desk fronted with a sweeping silver and glass front appears behind this, with a giant curved LED video wall behind this.

On each side of the main video wall are two smaller curved video walls used for in-studio standups, debriefs and weather reports. 

Between and above the video walls, meanwhile, is a shell-like segmented metallic wall covering with vertical ridges and curved accents, which gives the feeling of the entire studio being inside of a large hangar-like structure. A short knee wall with a more reflective surface adds to the modern feel.

High above the studio is a series of concentric rings with integrated accented lighting that not only match the footprint of the studio but tie into the broad round anchor desk below as well as adding to the light and bright feel of the space.