Virtual set solutions: 6 of today’s leading virtual set systems

Virtual sets are growing in versatility, flexibility and popularity and numerous companies have developed a myriad of solutions that can accommodate a wide range of budgets and requirements.

Here’s a roundup of some of the top names in virtual sets, as described by the vendors during our Focus on Virtual Sets.


Vizrt’s Virtual Studio presents producers with unlimited possibilities to tell stories easily in any size studio. Users can easily create complex, interactive 3D virtual sets and immersive graphics using an intuitive interface.

Viz Virtual Studio allows a single operator to handle complex productions that would normally require a team of operators. This allows staff to concentrate on other tasks, improving overall efficiency.

“We offer a state of the art broadcast render engine that includes global illumination, real time reflection, and shadow casting. It integrates with all major tracking solutions and external chroma keyers on the market. Our Viz Engine includes 8 inputs and 16 clips playback and in and out as SDI up to UHD or IP (2110),” says Gerhard Lang, Vizrt’s chief engineering officer.