Full ‘Fox Square’ debuts for special Sunday edition of ‘The Five’

It turns out “Fox Square” is not only a reference to an outdoor public space — but it’s also a reference to the shape of the outdoor studio setup the network built.

The network officially unveiled the main Fox Square studio during a special Sunday edition of “The Five” Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018.

The outdoor venue boasts a square platform with metal trusswork supports with wraparound video ribbons and oversized printed graphics above, designed by Jack Morton Worldwide.

‘The Five’ hosts sat a very wide anchor desk with thick black supports, a silver, edge-lit with a freestanding glass Fox News logo in the middle.  

Fox News gave the debut of its new set its own ‘Fox News Alert.’

The LED video ribbons were used to promote upcoming coverage and a countdown to first poll closings. The graphics here and on the printed graphics above match the ‘America’s Election HQ’ look the network debuted in June.