NBC’s ‘this is who we are’ slogan channels togetherness during coronavirus pandemic

NBC News has created a new take on its “This is who we are” promos amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

This spot conveys a sense of hope by starting with muted black and white photography before progressively injecting more color into the imagery and, by the end of the promo, showing full color images.

Like other iterations of this promo, multiple on screen references to phrases beginning with “This is…” are shown on screen before the “This is who we are” slogan near the end.

This animation demonstrates the placement of the words ‘we’ and ‘are’ and how they are used in two lines of the shorter version of the promo.

That, in turn, becomes “We are in this together” (with the words “we” and “are” serving double duty in the end of the first line and start of the second one. 

The final screen is co-branded with both the MSNBC and NBC News logos. 

Also like its “sister” promos, this spot uses a musical bed of unknown origin that slowly swells.

There is also a longer version that uses additional imagery and longer music as well as a slightly different placement of the text.


NBC is also airing a version with smaller photos that is geared toward thanking front line workers.