Sky TG24 updates studio with focus on warmth, updated technology

Sky TG24 has updated its Milan, Italy studio with new storytelling technology and a warmer, contemporary style.

The channel last saw updates in 2017, when operations were relocated from Rome to the newly-created broadcast facility in Milan.

The updates reframe the 100 meters (300 feet) of video walls found inside Studio 10 with new display technology, including 84 ultra-narrow bezel monitors.  

These video walls, which follow the same footprint as the previous, feature new backlit header and footer pieces designed to feature colors related to each program originating from the space. 

“Modern scenographic elements made up of wood and lines of light have been designed to complete the perspective vision, differentiating the various areas of the studio and helping to give greater warmth to the atmosphere of the studio,” noted Sky TG24 about the changes.

Wood slat accents now occupy space once home to concrete pillars, flanking one of the video walls and adding warmth to the studio design. Similar woods are also used for the studio’s flooring and in surrounds on the smaller video wall.


The desks, meanwhile, have also been designed to make “news more immediate and clear” to viewers.

The main desk features a large LED front embedded in a gently curved wood frame with six positions for talent.

A second desk is designed to shoot in the round with a bold, swooping backlit design that mixes wood and pops of light.

The studio’s lighting system was also updated with 180 new instruments, 25 motorized to allow quick changes based on show or program. 

Later this year, the network will debut its “Infinite Studio,” which will be used for virtual explainers and special programs that will take advantage of augmented and virtual technology.

The project was completed by Sky TG24’s internal team under the direction of Giuseppe De Bellis.