Fox Los Angeles updates set

KTTV, the Fox-owned station serving Los Angeles, debuted set updates on May 9, 2022, that build upon scenic elements installed in both 2013 and 2018.

Working with Broadcast Design International, the scenic changes include an interview area that’s been reworked as an anchor area as well as the addition of a weather presentation venue.

The anchor desk to the space features a round frosted base with a glossy white three-sided frame and sits in front of what was originally a living room-style sofa area.

The simulated windows and other walls are gone and have been replaced with two seamless Neoti LED video walls that sit inside of thin frames with deep insets. 


Nearby is a 2×2 low profile array that can be used for standups or tosses, while the massive Fox Los Angeles dimensional logo installed on the originally 2013 set remains, as do at least some of the curved lightbox headers.

The original 2013 spiral staircase has been removed, as have the dramatic center columns with video screens.

Above this space, much of the original 2013 transom-style simulated windows and the large, keystone-like gray element with the Fox logo remain.

Meanwhile, the 2018 space that was added camera right of the 2013 set remains mostly untouched, as does the boomerang-shaped anchor desk here, which is situated in front of a 9×3 video wall.

This desk features elements that are found in the other anchor desks and presentation pods throughout the sprawling studio. At least one of the station’s smaller pods with a similar design appears to be sticking around as a standup option, though the duratrans-heavy area often used in later hours of “Good Day LA” appears to have been removed, along with its polygonal shaped desk.

The station did add some additional scenery camera right of the 2018 desk area, including a wood wall accented with horizontal gray lines, along with a vertical stack of video panels encased between two gray pillars and header element.

Going farther right is an additional vertically mounted array created using five low profile video panels that’s typically used for weather. This area is also home to standing presentation pod. 

This area also features narrow internally lit header and columnar elements, including one that wraps above and to the side of the far right panel installation. 

While it’s mostly used for weather, it’s also notably devoid of any permanent branding elements and the video panels in this area are also used for other stories. 

Despite the fact that the current studio layout essentially combines three different sets, each installed at different times, the latest round of updates manages to streamline the look through the use of similar desks, while also introducing new elements.

Lighting design for the updated set was handled by Beth Fowler.

KTTV is also preparing to debut a new, dedicated SkyFox helicopter in the coming weeks, according to sources.