‘Chris Jansing Reports’ debuts from Studio 3A with blend of standard, Uvalde graphics

The newest hour of “MSNBC Reports” debuted Thursday, May 26, 2022, with longtime NBC and MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing taking over the 1 p.m. timeslot from Chuck Todd’sMTP Daily,” which is moving to streamer NBC News Now.

Chris Jansing Reports” did use elements from the new wraparound “MSNBC Reports” graphics that first started appearing in March 2021, though because of rolling Uvalde school shooting coverage, much of those we replaced with the black, white and red look the network is using under the banner “Mass Shooting at Robb Elementary.”

Because of this, the debut edition of “Jansing” did not feature the blue, white and yellow open that’s typically used and customized with images of the anchor in the title of the hour, though it’s likely there is one ready to go.

Throughout the show, select wipes from the “MSNBC Reports” package were used, but the standard bump or rejoin graphics were not used prominently. 

Both of these elements use a 3D, isometric-style layout.

“Jansing” did take advantage of the fact that Andrea Mitchell was anchoring from New York, seated at the peacock feather-inspired wedge anchor desk on one side of Studio 3A.

When Mitchell tossed to Jansing, the network used a floating handheld camera shot to show a cross-shot between the two before moving over to Jansing, who was standing in front of the smaller circular anchor desk the network introduced when it was redone in September 2021.


The top of “Jansing” used the so-called Kornacki-curve LED ribbon and wall that existed prior to the studio redo, but she anchored the rest of the show from the same anchor desk Mitchell used with the standard “MSNBC Reports” virtual set extensions.

These backgrounds included topical imagery in the boxy collage and simulated LED ribbons behind the anchor.

One segment used the far camera left of the LED video wall array installed in one corner of the studio to showcase over-the-shoulder style video behind Jansing.

A walk and wander floating camera captured video on video of the timeline of events (note the minicut included with this story was aired prior to law enforcement announcing that there was no interaction with a school resource officer).

Essentially, the broadcast kept the eastern side of Studio 3A using the standard “MSNBC Reports” look while the western side featured the shooting look, although the sliding wall on that end of the space was colored blue in its backlit segments despite showing Uvalde-themed graphics on the LED strip running across under the archway.

Later, when it came time to turn things over to Katy Tur, Jansing stood next to her at the anchor desk for the toss.

As “Chris Jansing Reports” entered its second week on the air, it switched to using the animated open other “Reports” blocks use.