Networks gear up for primetime Jan. 6 hearings

Most of the major networks and cable news channels are gearing up for live, primetime coverage of what is being billed as a significant showcase of evidence of what happened Jan. 6, 2021 (Fox’s right-leaning cable channel has taken heat for opting out of live, continuing coverage).

NBC and MSNBC are airing promos that leverage the red and black hand-drawn U.S. flag motif that was introduced earlier in 2022 to accompany coverage of the one year anniversary of the insurrection. Previously, the networks used a different look.

NBCUniversal is branding its coverage under the banner “The January 6th Hearings: The House Investigates” and continues to use a distinctive red-coral color rather a more traditional shade of red.

Left-leaning MSNBC, meanwhile, aired a special, two-hour edition of “All In” June 8, 2022, under the name “An American Coup.”

So far, full-length promos haven’t started popping up on other networks yet, though most networks are promoting the primetime coverage with on-screen graphics and fullscreen title cards shown during related coverage.

CNN is using the name “Attack on Democracy: The January 6th Hearings” after some programming was listed under the name “Capitol Attack: The January 6th Hearings.”


CBS News is using the name “Capitol Assault Hearings” along with a bold red and white look with textural and photographic backgrounds, also recycling much of the look it used for the one year mark of the event.

ABC is using “Attack on the Capitol: The Investigation” with the subtitle of “An ABC News Special” and also reused much of the same look it used at the one year anniversary. That look includes a red, white and blue torn page theme with distinctive, condensed typography.

Fox, which is shuffling live, rolling coverage over to Fox Business as well as the Fox broadcast network and digital platforms, appears to be using the names “January 6th Committee Hearing” and “January 6th Hearings” with a logotype that borrows heavily from the network’s overall look, though with a Capitol theme.