Latest ‘Jennifer Hudson Show’ promo channels light, positive vibes

Jennifer Hudson’s upcoming syndicated daytime talk show is out with a new promo about how the show will aim to “shine a light” on “everyday stories.”

“It’s go time, people,” Hudson says to the camera the top of the promo for “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

“We all have a story to tell. We all want to find our light … and let it shine. So let’s come together to laugh out loud … to share some hope and joy … and go back to connecting with each other. All on my new show,” Hudson says as a variety of clips and animated typography appear on screen.

The promo uses the previously released key art boasting a yellow, magenta and red gradient and circular sequin-like background. 

On-screen text continues to be set in a condensed sans serif, often with a white border surrounding varying degrees of transparency. It is also used as a mask for imagery.

The promo’s theme is interpreted visually on-screen through a glowing ball Hudson handles on-screen as well as light burst animations and flickering, blinking effects and a pop-y background track. 

The first promo for the series, released June 23, 2022, also features Hudson discussing the themes of “light” and “shining.”

The theme of telling inspiring “everyday” stories is hardly a new one for daytime TV, which tends to exist on either end of two extremes: Overly dramatic conflict or light, uplifting and fun. 


Given Hudson’s recording career, it could have been interesting to tie the theme of her show into one of her hits, though this could have posed licensing and rights issues. 

Both “light” and “shining” are relatively common themes in music and art and Hudson has performed a variety of works, both original and covers, that include one or both words.

Hudson’s debut single after rising to fame on “American Idol” was titled “Spotlight,” though the theme of that song doesn’t exactly match the vibe of what the show is billing itself as exactly.

References to “shining” and “light” are notably both included in the lyrics to the famous Beatles’ song “Let It Be.” Hudson recorded a cover of the tune for a “Hope for Haiti” benefit in 2010.

Hudson, who has performed in films and on stage as well as her musical career, recently achieved EGOT status and is known to pepper her social media with references to shining and light as well.

“Jennifer Hudson” is scheduled for a Sept. 12, 2022 debut. It will appear on Fox-owned stations in major markets. 

It is produced by Telepictures, a part of Warner Bros. Discovery, from the same stage that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” used until its run ended earlier in 2022.