MSNBC airing ‘Alex Wagner Tonight’ teaser promos

MSNBC’s upcoming Monday through Tuesday replacement for “The Rachel Maddow Show” airing what could be considered “teaser” promos on the network.

The show “Alex Wagner Tonight,” whose name was announced earlier in August 2022, will replace “Maddow” four nights a week at 9 p.m. eastern starting Aug. 16, 2022.

So far, the short, 10-second promo features Wagner sitting at an anchor desk with a blurred blue cityscape behind her followed by the same shot released in key art earlier in the month.

In both shots Wagner is wearing a dark, peacock-blue business suit top. 

The promo also includes a simple low-register voiceover with the show’s title — followed by the specific notes that it airs “Tuesday through Friday at 9: Premiering Tuesday, Aug. 16th on MSNBC.”

The promo itself is short and doesn’t include any references to anything besides the host and timeslot, whereas many news promos, especially for new shows, at least ostensibly cover the show’s mission and format as well as showcasing the host’s style. 

In this promo, the cityscape background behind her becomes a bit clearer — and appears to have multiple plays on angles, including vertical elements of the 30 Rockefeller Center exterior extended using selective skews that go down and then change direction at a right angle. Other accents appear to include a building that goes up and then just left, extended horizontally across the sky, sort of in the style of “Inception.”