‘Hoda and Jenna’ get updated open, new video wall BG

Today with Hoda and Jenna” rolled out an updated open Sept. 5, 2023.

The open replaces the one that debuted about a year before that was shot on location at Summit One Vanderbilt and featured the pair clamoring around the experiential space that features mirrored surfaces and giant “balls.”

Portions of the “get up” lyrics introduced with the old open remain.

All of that imagery has been replaced with a mix of behind-the-scenes and candid shots of the two hosts overlayed with clear circular shapes that shift the perspective of the imagery behind it slightly. Often multiple circles appear on top of another. 

The circular imagery echoes the sunrise-centric redesign the earlier hours of “Today” debuted in July 2023, though not quite in the same orderly, concentric approach. 

It also adds in similar glassy elements such as references to “1A,” the show’s studio, and the ampersand from the show’s logo.

The show logo, incidentally, has remained the same, despite its boxier look that largely drove much of the old graphics. 


“Hoda and Jenna” did not, however, switch over to the new full-width lower thirds that the other three hours of the show use.

Another update included a new video wall background behind home base. Instead of a simulated cityscape, the co-hosts now sit in front of a ring-inspired background with a simulated vertical frosted panel in the center serving as a frame for the logo, much like it did before.

The design helps the show stand out among a plethora of other New York-based talk and lifestyle shows that all use city skylines in some format, including “Live with Kelly and Mark” and “The View.” It also drives home the sunrise design motif used by the rest of the franchise.

The show also switched over to new tease graphics, with gentle curves in the lower right similar to the ones found elsewhere in the other hours, though “Hoda and Jenna” are sporting magenta ones that also add some additional thin curved lines on the left side of the screen.