‘First of All’ launches with reflective facade motif

CNN launched “First of All with Victor Blackwell” Nov. 4, 2023, using an Atlanta-inspired look.

The show broadcasts live from Atlanta at 8 a.m. eastern on Saturdays.

For now, the show is using a set originally built for CNN International that has been modified extensively over the years. 

The set is still based at the complex formerly known as CNN Center, though the network is finishing up a move to Techwood after selling the building in 2021. CNN parent Warner Bros. Discovery has arranged to lease back space in the building until the move is complete.

The show’s graphics feature glimpses of the Atlanta skyline along with a reflective glass building facade element that’s used throughout the look, including extensively in the open and on-set graphics. 

Graphics also make use of gold trails of lighting.

The show logo is set in Proxima with dark blue faces and gold-toned edges. Many parts of the look, especially the logo, conjure similarities to the former weekday show “At This Hour.” 


“First of All” starts with Blackwell standing in front of the studio’s video wall but also makes use of the studio’s anchor desk, which includes LED video panels and dimensional lettering reading “CNN Center.”