Promo roundup: ‘Hello Quad Cities,’ tap for the app, ‘trust and transparency’ and more

Here’s a look at some news promos created by stations across the country.

KWQC ‘Hello Quad Cities’ promo

This spot from KWQC in Davenport, Iowa, features a revival of the famous “Hello” image campaign song from Frank Gari. 

WZVN app promo

This promo used by WZVN in Naples, Florida, is almost entirely produced using only a voiceover and animated elements and uses the line “… tap to get the ABC7 app.” 

WTLV-WJXX First Coast News ‘Trust and Transparency Matters’ promo

Tegna’s “First Coast News” duopoly WTLV and WJXX in Jacksonville, Florida, has been airing this hard-hitting spot with dramatic lighting and effects to drive home the point of trust and balance.

WXYZ ‘This is Detroit’ promo

Used by WXYZ in Detroit, Michigan, this spot has an announcer emphasizing “faces,” “places,” and “spaces,” as well as the idea that viewers’ voices and views matter. It’s combined with animated text and footage shot from throughout the community. 

WVEC ‘Weather Alert Day’ promo

This weather promo from WVEC in Hampton, Virginia, introduces the concept of “Weather Alert Days” and is narrated by chief meteorologist Tim Pandajis and combined with quick cuts of shots of the station’s weather team at work. 

WEEK ‘Alice in Weatherland’ promo

A creative take on the classic “Alice in Wonderland” franchise from WEEK in Peoria, Illinois


Last year, WEEK aired a school play-themed promo titled “Spring is in the Air.”

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