ESPN Studio X

Bristol, Connecticut

ESPN’s “SportsCenter” completed a comprehensive two-year upgrade of its Studio X in September 2023, marking a significant enhancement in the program’s visual and technological presentation.

At ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, Studio X was updated with 38 million pixels of LED displays, including a 48-foot wide screen and a versatile anchor desk.

Significant to the update is the introduction of a depth monitor, known as the “skydeck,” which serves as a “fifth wall,” offering dynamic virtual content that adds depth and realism to the studio’s backdrop. This technology, part of ESPN’s GRACE platform, integrates Unreal Engine and Disguise, allowing for a flexible and immersive virtual environment that can simulate different times of day, weather conditions, and other visual effects.

The updates also included aesthetic improvements to the studio space, incorporating wood tones and curved elements to create a more inviting and less “square” atmosphere. 

Project Credits


  • Directing Dept – VP Scott Favalora, Chris Russano, Kristy Higgins and all the Directors & ADs on the relaunch project
  • Design and Development – Lorenzo Lamadrid, Joe Ferretti and Chris Watson
  • Technology – Christiaan Cokas, Jeramiah Swartz, Jason Black, Eliza McNair, Brian Allen, Zach Maura, Eric Nelson
  • Production Operations –VP Francis Legros, Kevin Burroughs, Nanci Hyburg, Tony Lacaprucia
  • Creative Services – Michael Szykowny (Spike), Charlie Collin, Ben Bieglecki, Kristal Nadeau, Mike Ruddy, Carolyn Bellizzi, Lea Anderson, Sue Cassidy, Jason Crook

Scenic Design By Jack Morton

  • SVP/Executive Design Director: Andre Durette
  • SVP/ Senior Design Director: Larry Hartman
  • Associate Designer and Senior Project Manager: Doss Freel
  • VP, Senior Illustration Director: Chris Maroney
  • Illustrators: Erik Nevala-Lee, Greg Park, Hayden Barbeau
  • Graphics: Raeford Dwyer, Shelline Vandermey
  • Drafting: Nick Nocera, Derek Van Heel, Daniel Prosky

Scenic Fabrication by Mystic Scenic Studios

Display Technology and Integration by AV Design Services

Lighting Design by ESPN

Virtual Set Design by Jack Morton

Virtual Set Integration by Halon Entertainment