The Kelly Clarkson Show

New York City, New York

Production designer James Pearse Connelly utilized Kelly Clarkson’s move of her talk show to New York City in the fall of 2023 as an opportunity to re-envision the show’s set, blending Clarkson’s eclectic personality with the metropolitan aura of the new locale.

Located inside Studio 6A at NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the set design features an urban, Soho recording studio vibe, integrating walnut slatted walls and loft-style sliding glass doors, while retaining some familiar elements like a faux masonry wall with “KC” lettering from its California predecessor.

The revamped layout, which now features an L-shaped audience seating configuration, aims to foster a closer connection between Clarkson and her audience, enhancing the interactive energy of the show and allowing for a variety of segment setups despite the spatial challenges of the new studio. The detailed design, incorporating elements reminiscent of a recording studio and classic built-in cabinetry, encapsulates a harmonious blend of Clarkson’s musical roots, a cozy ambiance, and a modern New York City aesthetic.

Photos courtesy NBCUniversal and JPConnelly.


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