Broadcasting House

Broadcasting House is a large building created from both a 1930s-era building and a 2005 addition that serves as the headquarters for BBC and BBC News.

Located in London’s Portland Place and Langham Place, the unusually shaped building has been used off and on for various BBC radio and TV productions over the years. After opening the entire complex after the 2005 addition, most of BBC’s primary operations were able to move in, though it still maintains regional centers across the U.K.

The building is sometimes referred to as “new” (often with a lowercase “n”) Broadcasting House as a way to emphasize its renovated state, but that is not its official name. “New Broadcasting House” (with a capital “N”) technically refers more commonly to an ancillary Manchester facility that BBC moved out of in 2011 and was eventually demolished.

BBC still maintains a presence in Manchester at MediaCityUK, which is home to “BBC Breakfast.”