MSNBC moves into Studio 3C, former home of NBC New York

MSNBC began broadcasting from Studio 3C last week, formerly home of WNBC-TV, with the two entities basically flipping spaces after NBC New York moved to Studio 3K.

Studio 3C, which is now a secondary home for MSNBC, has seen some updates since it was decommissioned by WNBC-TV, removing wood paneling and blue wall sections in favor of metal work and new red finishes.


The main anchor background retains the chrome mullions found on NBC O&O sets and features a live camera shot from NBC’s 4th floor multimedia studio and newsroom.

That space, which debuted in June, will continue to serve NBC and MSNBC, such as during the election and during some daytime programs.


A desk formerly used by Chris Hayes has been added to 3C, which can comfortably seat a panel of guests, with the video wall being used in much the same format as the 4th floor studio, with a mix of imagery and branding for each segment.

The former weather center was also updated, adding a large MSNBC graphic and retaining the original desk.

So far, Studio 3C has seen a large use in its short time back on-air, with many dayside programs, “All In” and “The Last Word” using it. Previously, these shows used the 4th floor studio.

MSNBC also uses Studio 3A for “Morning Joe,” “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “The 11th Hour,” giving them a large footprint on the third floor.

Network representatives declined to comment for this story.

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  • Lincoln Roch

    I now notice that msnbc has altered studio 3a adding an additional video wall to what they already added in july

  • Lincoln Roch

    Also msnbc has moved all in, and the the last word to 3c too

    • I agree

      So my guess is that when 3a updates and 3K was gutted to move in NBC NY, they built the 4th floor nook. Now that they are in 3c and 3a the whole floor is an msnbc floor. So the question is if they will reopen the 3c floor wall and make one huge newsroom studio. They really should make one huge newsroom/studio like CBS This Morning has.

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