Is this the Tegna logo?

Gannett owned WTSP-TV reported the news of its parent company’s new digital division’s name, Tegna, with a low quality image of what might be the company’s future logo.

It’s not clear where the image, which is credited to Kevin Carlson, a photojournalist at the station, came from, but it could be from the virtual town hall Gannett employees were treated to.

The image shows the bold letters “TEGNA” set against a gradient blue background with the letter “G” enlarged — no doubt a subtle nod to the Gannett name. The bold letter choice, compared the thinner characters found in the new Gannett logo, also draws connections to the previous “Death Star” version of the big-G’s logo.

Other tweets from Gannett employees surfacing show similar designs, though some without the enlarged “G” — so there could be multiple variations of the logo — or perhaps the “G” is animated in digital applications or was just presented that way to illustrate the connection to the Gannett name.

While this purported new look is clean and simple, and assuming the enlarged “G” is part of the final design, it lacks refinement. Basically it appears someone just made the “G” a bit larger, rather than taking the time to properly adjust the stroke widths to match the other letters in the name.

The “G” is also a bit of an awkward shape — it attempts to be circular but fails awkwardly in the upper right corner.


Small details such as this could have been smoothed out to make the logo a little more refined — though arguably that could be akin to putting a dress on a pig.


As for what typeface the purported design uses, we ran the logo through MyFont’s “What the Font” tool and came up with a close match — Polarband Back.

Assuming this is the font used, it costs a whopping $30 — though at least Gannett didn’t take the NBCUniversal approach of downloading a free font from DaFont.

All that said, it’s also worth nothing that the logo could be temporary or could change once the new company gets on its feet.