More ‘Today’ Studio 1A renovation details emerge

NewscastStudio’s inside sources at NBC News have given us a variety of tips about what, exactly, is happening inside Studio 1A in Rockefeller Plaza, home of the “Today Show.”


Today SVP Noah Oppenheim has now confirmed all of the changes listed for ‘Today’, along with the fact it will debut next Tuesday.

The following points have been confirmed by multiple sources:

  • The floor is being refinished. When the set debuted in 2013, it featured a faux light wood floor with a subtle zig-zag pattern. The floor update has been confirmed by “Today” talent on social media.
  • The turntable will remain, our sources report. This feature has been used off and on for some segments (such as a shoe segment in 2014), but never really saw a lot of use. We’ll see if it becomes a main feature again.
  • The Orange Room is being reworked to include additional video displays. Insiders say this is the most significant change of the update.
  • Some of the studio’s wall coverings are being updated as well.
  • There will be a new desk and sofa.

The new Studio 1A will likely debut next Monday or Tuesday, say insiders.