More ‘Today’ Studio 1A renovation details emerge

NewscastStudio’s inside sources at NBC News have given us a variety of tips about what, exactly, is happening inside Studio 1A in Rockefeller Plaza, home of the “Today Show.”

The following points have been confirmed by multiple sources:
  • The floor is being refinished. When the set debuted in 2013, it featured a faux light wood floor with a subtle zig-zag pattern. The floor update has been confirmed by “Today” talent on social media.
  • The turntable will remain, our sources report. This feature has been used off and on for some segments (such as a shoe segment in 2014), but never really saw a lot of use. We’ll see if it becomes a main feature again.
  • The Orange Room is being reworked to include additional video displays. Insiders say this is the most significant change of the update.
  • Some of the studio’s wall coverings are being updated as well.
  • There will be a new desk and sofa.

The new Studio 1A will likely debut next Monday or Tuesday, say insiders.