‘SportsCenter’ brightens up for morning block on ESPN

ESPN relaunched some morning programs Monday, including a rebranded “SportsCenter” and updated “Mike & Mike” on ESPN2.

The new “SportsCenter:AM” continues ESPN’s trend of branding blocks of the marque show, following the launch of “SportsCenter at Night” and Scott Van Pelt’s hour.

ESPN describes the changes as a “new vision” for the show with faster pacing and more personality.


Easily one of the most noticeable changes is the color scheme, using a warm orangish red.

The motion graphics also break from the main “SportsCenter” look by adding a backlit arcing ring that acts almost as a clock in the design.


The show uses a sidebar with the lineup of guests and upcoming highlight packages, creating a sense of urgency for the show.


The show originates from the main “SportsCenter” Studio X by Jack Morton PDG, with all of the color-changing areas toned orange or white. The show makes good use of the on set monitors for lots of branded graphics, as well.

SportsCenter:AM - February 8, 2016

Photo by Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images

For the main desk, the show uses a small round table with “SC” logo, creating a more conversational approach to the program.