Industry Insights: Production music creative roundtable

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Any recommendations for someone searching for a track?

“We’ve spent a lot of time putting adjectives and terms into our keywords field that apply to each song, and we’ve been careful not to ‘spam’ the tracks with irrelevant info – meaning that when you search, your results are accurate. Get creative, figure out what adjectives go with your desired piece and see what happens,” said Gant.

“When looking for a track people usually have a popular reference song in mind (that’s the easiest place to start when looking for music). The best advice to finding something similar is to find an instrumental version of that popular song – vocals, make it much harder to match as they can completely mask/change the feel of the underlying music. Once you ditch the vocals, determine if the track is positive or negative, if it has an obvious genre (rock, hip hop, etc.) and if there is an instrument that is really being featured. Searching for these general terms will quickly narrow down the best possible matches,” said Koch.

“Start with our playlists! Many libraries offer extensive playlists which are a great starting point for searches,” said Mendelsohn.

“When you are conducting a music search, be as specific as possible,” said Hall. “Descriptive terms (tags) can be even more useful, e.g. ‘uplifting,’ ‘motivational,’ ‘medium tempo,’ ‘building,’ ‘violin but no guitar,’ etc.”

“If you’re not 100% sure of what you’re looking for, our team is always there to help you narrow down your goals for the music,” added Gant.

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