‘Face the Nation’ gets new graphics, sound

CBS News‘ “Face the Nation” has a new look — and sound.

The show also debuted a new studio from Jack Morton Worldwide, which includes multiple venues and adds a significant amount of technology.

In addition to the new set, the show unveiled a new open, that, like the “CBS Evening News,” uses a boxy motif with D.C. imagery. The show’s logo, which first debuted in 2014, remains the same, as do most of the insert graphics.

The new set’s edge lit glass frames and bezeled monitor wall arrays play subtle tribute to the graphic’s boxes and thin outlines.


The show also updated its music, dropping the heavy-hitting bed in favor of a more a softer sound with a distinct fanfare-style signature, composed by Man Made Music.

With the new set, the show’s on-set graphics have also increased and are designed to match the look of the rest of the show.

For the start of the show, host Margaret Brennan stands behind a small lectern-style pod in front of a video wall background and freestanding vertically mounted OTS panel sporting the show logo and date.

“Face the Nation” also leverages the studio’s vertical video panel arrays and freestanding screens for tossing to remote reports, including ones that include maps of each correspondent’s locale.

Although the go-to imagery on the video walls is, not surprisingly, Washington, D.C. cityscapes, the panels offer the flexibility for topical imagery, most of which includes a row of the show’s logo running along the bottom.