‘CBS Evening News’ moves to D.C. with a new look

In addition to the new set, “CBS Evening News” also debuted new and updated graphics, including a new Washington-centric open.

The open starts with a nighttime satellite view of the U.S. before working in images of the Capitol dome and Beltway. 

As the show’s logo, which remains the same, enters, a brief view of New York City’s skyline is visible in the lower left. 

The open itself has been shortened. The announce has also been updated to include “reporting from the nation’s capital” at the end. 

All “big three” networks previously referenced their origination from New York (often referencing its “world headquarters”), but have cut it over the years to save time.



This means that CBS is now the only broadcast that includes a location reference in its open, though NBC and ABC do sometimes add a location name when on the road. 

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