‘Deadline: White House’ switches studios as election draws near

With weeks until the 2022 midterms, MSNBC’sDeadline: White House” made the move upstairs and into a space that’s served as home base for various election coverage in the past.

The show, which is anchored by Nicolle Wallace, moved from its normal home in Studio 3A to Studio 6A Oct. 19, 2022.

The bones of the set in 6A was originally installed back in 2017 for “Megyn Kelly Today.”

After that show was canceled when Megyn Kelly, who NBC lured from Fox’s conservative commentary channel, made a racist comment on air, the network used it for parts of the various hours of “Today” as well as “Sunday Today.” MSNBC’s “All In” also produced special shows with audiences there.

It was also redressed for a farewell special for “The Good Place” and a temporary home for “The Tonight Show” in 2020.

In addition, NBC and MSNBC have both used the space for election coverage in the past.

Wallace sat behind the large, curved desk with a glass star base for her broadcast, which also included in-studio guests. 

The front of the desk, which includes an LED video ribbon, showcased the textural black, white and red graphics that the show uses in various locations, including on the front of the desk parked in the background behind Wallace when she’s in 3A.


The set’s primary video wall array, originally designed to look like windows with gray mullions, showed branded graphics of Washington, D.C., just like it does when in 3A. 

Other on-set monitors were used to show Decision 2022 logos and the star-clad header element used back in 2020 ran along the top of the set (many of the more drastic changes to the set have been accomplished with scenery that overlays or sits in front of the original set, which includes faux whitewashed brick elements, woods and clean finishes.

Like most MSNBC studio shows, there was extensive use of a handheld floating camera done in the “walk and wander” and “video on video” styles using the secondary video wall displays on the set, including the smaller one located camera left.

It’s not immediately clear if this is Wallace’s permanent home until the election or, perhaps, beyond.

The fact the studio has been dusted off for the first time in a while could also mean that NBCUniversal is planning to use it on election night, though it could be on NBC, MSNBC, NBC News Now or any combination of those.

Other MSNBC programming that normally originates from Studio 3A has been using other spaces, including Studio 4E.