NBC Sports reveals 2024 Paris Olympics logo

NBC Sports has officially revealed its logo for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, designed by the team at Sibling Rivalry.

As has been the trend in recent years, NBC’s Paris logo leans more on custom typography than direct illustrations of the city’s landmarks, but the overall effect is still distinctly Parisian.

“The core design direction of the NBC Paris 2024 composite logo was intended to capture a timeless elegance and sophistication … it is a highly stylized and contemporary brand evocative of a well-established couture fashion label,” NBC Sports noted to NewscastStudio.

In the logo, the word “Paris” is set in Art Nouveau-inspired letterforms with modern tapering and flairs, allowing nods to classic and contemporary design to blend.

Meanwhile, the “A” in “Paris” is hard not to see as a nod to the iconic Eiffel Tower.

NBC has also included its updated peacock design (also from Sibling Rivalry). The year “2024” is set in a geometric sans serif along with the required Olympic rings in the full logo — all wrapped by a gold-toned diamond element.

This element features circular accents created using the outer portions of Olympic rings (which themselves are simply interlocking circles in outline form) that are “inspired by the ornate detail of Parisian architecture and the refined balance of the city’s unique layout.”

That layout includes how the Eiffel Tower itself was built; when viewed from above on a north-south oriented map, is roughly positioned at the same angle.


NBC plans to pair the logo with a gold and blue palette to round out the look.

NBC unveiled the new look Sunday, January 15, 2023, during its Sunday night NFL broadcast.

“Our promotion of the Olympics never stops. It’s part of the DNA of NBCUniversal,” said Jenny Storms, chief marketing officer for entertainment and sports at NBCUniversal, in a statement. “The reach and scale of the NFL Playoffs align with the beginning of our push to the 2024 Paris Olympics. We are thrilled to begin the campaign by partnering with Paris Hilton as we bring entertainment and sports together to start building excitement and anticipation for the return of the Olympic Games in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.”

NBC produced a promo that features a French-accented announcer over scenes that feel — at least at first — to be taken right out of a glamorous commercial. In the spot, a woman is depicted walking toward French doors as the announcer says: “Next summer, the eyes of the world will be on …” 

At that point, the woman is revealed to be American socialite Paris Hilton who, as part of the gag, thinks those eyes will be on her as she says the word “Paris.” The screen then cuts to a montage of footage from past games.

“Oh, the other Paris,” Hilton then says when the shot cuts back to her in a blend of comedic disappointment with a touch of her familiar vocal fry.

Like other NBC Olympics logos, this logo will only be used within NBC-produced broadcasts and marketing materials.

It is distinct from the logo first released in 2019, that serves as the centerpiece of the organizing committee’s branding and generally ends up popping up on NBC and other rights holding broadcasters’ feeds because it’s frequently used to decorate walls and other surfaces within Olympic venues.

This logo, which Paris says is meant to combine references to gold medals, a flame and a person dubbed “Marianne,” briefly went viral on social media as people debated if it was “the Rachel” hairstyle made popular by “Friends,” the epitome of entitlement known as “Karen” or even Dr. Seuss’ Grinch.