NBC previews look for ‘Meet the Press’ with new moderator Kristen Welker

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NBC News has started previewing some of the on-air changes that “Meet the Press” will get when Kristen Welker takes over as moderator Sept. 17, 2023.

Welker is set to replace Chuck Todd, who has hosted the Sunday morning public affairs broadcast since 2014.

Not surprisingly, NBC is giving the show a visual overhaul.

There’s a new “Meet the Press” logo with, naturally, Welker’s name added.

The logo has been switched to use a geometric sans serif with a distinct “M,” “R” and “K.”

The “M” features two pointed elements, somewhat reminiscent of the “classic” NBC and NBC News logotype, while the “R” has a noticeable gap that creates a look a bit like a stencil-inspired font. Finally, the lower left part of the “K”s” features a distinct downward-pointed element that matches the angle of the upper right diagonal. 

Those “K”s are particularly notable because they are used twice when Welker’s name is spelled out on-screen.

In some ways, the new typography could be seen as a nod to the angular “NN” icon and animated effect “NBC Nightly Newsintroduced in June 2023. NBC customized the “N” in both the full show title and icon to have a slight gap where diagonals meet verticals, similar to the look formed by the “R” in the forthcoming “MTP” logo.


The latest Chuck Todd-era logo shown in key art.

Other updates include moving “the” to the second line of the lockup, with the new version of the NBC peacock perched above the two “S”s.

In promos airing on NBC, a diamond motif with bright blue, yellow and white is used, including hints of a Washington, D.C. skyline and reflection. Other elements include textures that hint at stonework.

Publicity shots of Welker on the “Meet the Press” set in Studio N1 showing a Capitol video wall background with a simulated reflection occupying the lower part of the graphic. The design shown in these shots does include in the blue band with “MTP” logos in it that is currently used.

It’s not clear if these images are final designs or being used solely for rehearsals or photoshoots.

NBC has said that the studio will have a new desk for Welker. The show currently uses a smaller-sized wood toned desk with flared base that can be shot in the round during panels.

These setups, as used with Todd, include parking the cameras that capture guest shots at key places in the studio and allowing them to appear on-air in wide shots, rather than hiding them in camera blinds or parts of the set that don’t appear on air, which had been a common practice for Sunday morning shows such as “MTP.”

Welker’s era will also see some changes to the show format, though NBC did not provide further details.

The promo itself, meanwhile, emphasizes Welker’s experience as a White House correspondent for NBC, as well as her role moderating the final 2020 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, a role for which she was largely praised.

It also uses clips from her past roles filling in for Todd on “Meet the Press.”

The promo also contains on-screen text in what appears to be a similar font as the logo, revealing some other distinct letters, including “N” and “G,” and continuing the diamond motif, including appearing in thin lines that, at times, rotate and become thicker.

The diamond motif notably has some similarities to the current look’s angular design, introduced in 2017, that includes simulated glass panels that play with perspective for the D.C.-centric imagery behind them.


The latest Chuck Todd-era title screen.

The promos also include hints of rainbow-hued lighting effects, which could be seen as both a nod to the peacock and the saturated color scheme of the current open.

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