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Z Space Creative offers a personable, collaborative approach to set design that’s backed by the experience and expertise of over 30 combined years in the broadcast design industry.

The team at Z Space Creative forges strategic relationships with its clients that focus on finding the perfect balance of form, function and flexibility. Clients’ needs and goals are placed center stage — and become the driving force behind every step of the design and installation process.

The team behind Z Space includes designer Glenn Anderson, whose portfolio includes “NBC Nightly News” and ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

Co-owner Anthony Ferguson, meanwhile, has worked in virtually every aspect of the set design process and brings this knowledge and creativity to every project.

Together, Anderson and Ferguson were part of the teams behind the Emmy nominated sets for KWTV-TV in Oklahoma City and WCVB-TV in Boston, in addition to dozens of other sets around the globe.

Z Space places special emphasis on a collaborative relationship that draws on everyone’s creativity and ideas, while its experience plays a vital role in distilling these ideas into the perfect blend of stunning visual aesthetics and functionality that meets the rigorous requirements of today’s broadcast environments.

This strategic and collaborative creative process is backed by the foundation of built-in detail oriented project management and coordination services that ensure the best possible experience from start to finish — and beyond.

Z Space’s experience makes it the perfect partner for a wide variety of projects, ranging from refreshes or updates to complete set overhauls to virtual sets and set extensions. Lighting design, A/V integration and set fabrication and installation round out the team’s expertise.

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