Tampa station debuts new format, set

A Tampa station — which is no stranger to alternative news formats — is reshaping its newscasts again to focus on trendy, viral stories.

WTSP, the Tegna owned CBS affiliate in Tampa, Florida, has launched a complete revamp of its newscasts that will ditch a traditional newscast format.

The station, which says the most prominent changes will be on its morning and late night newscasts, debuted the changes Tuesday morning.

Its new morning show is now broadcasting under the banner of “10News Brightside” and the 11 p.m. newscast under the similar name “10News Nightside.”

“Brightside” is a creative way to brand morning news while also creating a connection to the evening newscasts.

This isn’t WTSP’s first foray into an alternative format — back in 2008, the station shifted toward an interactive, social media focused format under the name “10 Connects.” 

The name lasted two years (though the social media and interactive format wasn’t always as strong) before the station changed to the more generic “10News.”

This latest effort, meanwhile, does have some (perhaps subtle) differences from being simply another attempt at an interactive social media driven newscast like the “10 Connects” effort — namely less of a focus on interactivity and more on more on covering trending stories on social media.

HLN notably tried social media trends approach with its “Daily Share” show in 2015 — an effort that lasted just a few months.

Along with the new name comes a new set — with a larger circular table situated in the station’s working newsroom. This setup matches the changes to Tegna’s KXTV, which moved to a similar format last fall.

Textured panels in muted sand colors and strong downlighting complete the newsroom backdrop, while a raised work area to the left features flat panel monitors that show the new branding.

Also visible in the background is a flashcam position that is purposefully left visible on screen for most wide shots.

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  • James Chrisafis

    I agree with most comments. This new format is BAD ! Even the Spectrum news station #9 is better. I will be moving to ABC or NBC.

  • Melisa French

    The new show is never going to work. We want the news! It’s fluff! Please tell us what are you thinking????

  • Darlene Edwards

    I am all for change when it is needed, or it is a plus to the old, by this change is not a good one. The anchors are unprofessional and not even relatable. I miss the old crew. Even when anchors move on and are replaced with a new face that new person ALWAYS fits in. News10, please rethink this cause I’m sure you’re going to lose viewer and your ratings will take a nose dive.

  • Kalooney

    I watched the new format for the first time tonight. I can’t believe this is a news show. They have about 22 minutes to deliver the news and they are reading the Twitter comments made by guys who got fired from ESPN? Really?? I can read twitter and Facebook myself. I don’t need alleged newscasters doing it for me. Guess it’s time to move to NBC or ABC.

  • Joe Dutra

    Bad move ch. 10. Like the morning show before this and the same with the night time. Terrible, terrible will change the to where I watch the news.

  • John

    Horrible new people. I feel like all of the new people are shoveling liberalism down my throat. Unprofessional…And unwatchable. Am switching after giving it several days.

  • Rodney Baker

    All I can say is Wow……………change is good, but this morning show sucks

  • Rachel Mayerschoff

    Absolutely horrible! Newscasters are annoying and are extremely unprofessional. Where is the actual news. Should have modeled it after CBS this Morning.

  • Lynda Muller

    Don’t like it, changing to a different 11 o’clock news where this is ACTUAL news.

  • Ted Wxby

    totally unwatchable

  • Rocco Tanazari

    Set to the song “Free Fallin”

  • Michael Kasselman

    TEGNA sucks!!