Previewing the 2016 NAB Show – Weather and Traffic Systems

When it comes to broadcast news, one thing is always constant… weather. It drives viewership, creates personalities and always occurs, thanks to nature.

Similarly, weather solutions for broadcast are always evolving, from adding augmented reality to enhancing mapping data, giving meteorologists the best possible storytelling tools on-air.

Last year saw IBM purchase The Weather Company, with the results appearing during this years NAB Show. AccuWeather and Baron are also both stepping up their weather tools, with new systems slated to be on full display next week.

Weather technology companies you should visit in Vegas:


South Hall (Lower) – SL6010 – Debuting StormDirector+, AccuWeather will enter the world of weather software for broadcasters, along with updating its popular StoryTeller touchscreen. Learn more


Central Hall – C7516 – Baron is entering the world of weather and traffic software with Baron Lynx, featuring many tools at launch. Learn more


South Hall (Lower) – SL1210 – ChyronHego will show its latest updates to Metacast, its weather graphics system. Learn more

The Weather Company, an IBM Business

South Hall (Lower) – SL6410 – Expanding the Max Ecosystem (formerly WSI), new additions include augmented reality and virtual sets. Learn more


Weather Metrics

South Hall (Lower) – SL4605 – Bringing IP to the world of weather cameras, Weather Metrics demonstrate WeatherVisionHD.


South Hall (Lower) – SL2417 – Will preview updates to its weather alert system, including updated mapping. Learn more