NBC marks holidays with different takes on peacock feathers

NBC is getting in the holiday cheer with parts of its updated peacock icon and wordmark by re-imaging the shapes from the iconic bird icon as a variety of different objects.

A series of promos for holiday-related programs and special series typically include a quick glimpse at a blue background with starburst style background created using radiating circles. 

Scattered around the screen are a variety of takes on snowflake elements with an eight-petal circular arrangement of “feather” shapes that form a colored snowflake. 

While it’s technically not possible for snowflakes to form with eight true arms, it’s a common misnomer that they can and other imagery on the same slide appears to make the same creative license.

Surrounding the blue background two other feather-like elements in each corner — though only the curved upper portions are typically visible, meaning the pointed sides are essentially facing off-screen at an angle.

NBC used the tagline “Oh what fun!” in 2018, and a mix of “Oh what fun!” and “Holidays start here” in 2019. “Fun” was back in 2021.

Earlier in 2022, NBC also used peacock feather-inspired shapes for its Thanksgiving promos to create both turkey plumage and circular scalloped shapes as a fun nod to the holiday at hand. Other elements include intersecting feathers as lower-third style graphics.


Thanksgiving and holiday programming largely features the new NBC peacock icon and wordmark, making them one of the first on-air uses of the updated logo design, which is expected to roll out across the network in 2023, according to NBC.

NBC also has partnered with Kohl’s to offer co-branded commercials that feature the new logo at the very start of the ad before switching to a more traditional commercial.

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