Veech x Veech

Veech x Veech is a Vienna-based, award-winning multidisciplinary architecture and design practice integrating broadcast studio design, architectural & interior design, and design engineering services into one comprehensive package.

Veech x Veech has 20 years’ experience working with an international client base ranging from the recently completed landmark projects: Al Jazeera London Shard Tower Newsroom; Al Jazeera Network Studio Building & AJA Newsroom Studio – Doha; Communication Media Center for ORF – Austrian Broadcast Corporation; Red Bull Media House office and production interiors; to currently in planning for a 8000sqm broadcast media production building facility for RGE Group – Israel.

Pioneers infusing architecture and advanced media technologies, Veech x Veech distinguishes itself internationally with pre-eminent broadcast buildings and production facilities, augmented media environments, multi-purpose newsrooms, and iconic studio designs establishing new benchmarks for the broadcast design industry.

The practice uses collaborative and participative customized working methods with all their clients and establishes a network of high-profile experts and project partners driving innovation and delivering extraordinary results of the highest quality, functionality, and cost efficiency.

Veech x Veech has received numerous international awards and nominations, including a Newscaststudio Award; PromaxBDA Europe Award; German Design Award; IDA USA Award; British Council of Offices Award; German Prize for Lighting Design; Austrian State Prize – Adolf Loos Staatspreis Design; IF Design Award; Eyes & Ears of Europe Award; and the Joseph Binder Award.

Projects by Veech x Veech