April 13, 2015

Rosco introduces two portable LED lights

Rosco Laboratories has released two new portable LED lights, aimed at the “run and gun” broadcast segment. The LitePad Vector and Silk are designed to adapt to the dynamic requirements of film and video shoots, according to a Rosco release, providing flexibility and portability. Weighing in at less than four pounds and measuring 8×8″, the […]

April 9, 2015

PrimeTime Lighting Systems announces GUS 51 LED fresnel

PrimeTime is introducing new features to its LED Fresnels. The new GUS 51 LED Fresnel was built from the ground up with innovative engineering for broadcast and production studios, says a release issued by the company. Glen Harn, PrimeTime’s CEO explained in the statement, “At 58 watts, we’re as bright, or brighter than many of our […]

April 3, 2015

Fluotec launches new studio series of LED lights

Fluotec will showcase four new LED lights, part of its Studiolight family of products, at NAB. The new fresnels include the Vegalux Plus 7″ and Auralux Plus 5.5″, which feature NEBULA DFT Diffusion Chamber Technology and are available in both tungsten and daylight color temperatures. Designed for EFP producers, photographers and filmmakers the Auralux and Vegalux Plus light beams […]

April 2, 2015

PrimeTime introduces brighter LED units

PrimeTime Lighting Systems has debuted new and improved 1SLED XB and MSLED XB lights, built in America, that are 30% brighter than the originals introduced last year. The Dallas based lighting manufacture said in a release that the lights were inspired by the companies top-selling fluorescent fixtures. “These LED lights have an incredible punch and […]

March 27, 2015

NYC station does morning news sans lights

What do you do when you’re four minutes to air and there are no lights in the studio? Improvise. And use Twitter to tease your broadcast. WPIX-TV, the CW affiliate in New York City, had a power issue this morning in its studio that caused the studio lighting to go out. Anchor Lisa Mateo tweed […]

March 3, 2015

De Sisti launches Super Series of LED fresnels

De Sisti has introduced a new series of fresnels, dubbed the LED Fresnel Super Series. The lights include improved studio performance, with higher light output and a wide projection beam. “The biggest request we receive is for LED instruments to have the same optical performances as traditional tungsten fresnels with the equivalent light output,” said Frank […]

February 17, 2015

PrimeTime announces GUS 51LED Fresnel

PrimeTime Lighting Systems has released the GUS 51 LED Fresnel, which is the equivalent of a 1,000 watt traditional fresnel. The new lamp requires non fan and is energy efficient, drawing only 58 watts. The lights optics create a even wash of light from side-to-side and is adjustable from a tight 11 degree beam angle […]

January 28, 2015

NYC studio loses power, only set’s accent lights remain on

New York City‘s WCBS-TV suffered a power outage in its studio this morning that wreaked havoc on its power-hungry set. As anchor Chris Wragge observed in a tweet: “A few lights work. Just not the ones we need.” The lights that did work were mainly the accent lights on the set, including the internally lit […]

January 20, 2015

LDG illuminates CNN Heroes gala

Steve Brill, president of The Lighting Design Group, worked with CNN and designer Clickspring Design to light the CNN Heroes gala and award ceremony this past November at The American Museum of Natural History in New York City. “The museum and specifically the Whale Room are very active, so the biggest challenge was having time […]

December 30, 2014

PrimeTime introduces new line of energy-efficient LED lights

KW/2 became PrimeTime Lighting five years ago with little fanfare. In 2013, Glen and Cynthia Harn acquired the company and realized customers didn’t realize the switch had occurred. “Chief engineers at television stations across the country tell us that KW/2 lights are the most durable and lasting luminaires in their studios,” said Glen Harn, CEO of […]