6 sets that use repeating elements to create visual interest

The use of patterns and repeating elements is a tried and true way to create consistency, texture and layering in design. Here are six sets that use this design technique effectively. 


We recently covered the stunning design at MBC in Dubai — and it’s worth another mention here because of its use of tessellation to create patterns and repeating elements. Much of the patterns are in the set’s frosted glass panels that are suspended from the studio’s high ceilings — but the geometry of tessellation continues throughout, a strategic move by designer Clickspring.


In our original writeup on the WLS set in Chicago, we noted the recurring use of rectangular elements. The use of that shape is found in the panels in the set’s main video wall, ceiling elements, floor decals, the brick-like pattern on the set’s structural pillar and the smaller backlit rectangles scattered throughout the set. The set was designed by Jack Morton PDG and fabrication by Blackwalnut.