December 18, 2014

‘World News’ uses main studio as weather wall

“World News Tonight” has found another use for its new curved video wall — a standup location for weather reports. The network was covering the severe storms hitting the West Coast and had meteorologist Rob Marciano stationed on the “World News Tonight” set in New York. Anchor David Muir, meanwhile, was in Washington, D.C., so […]

December 10, 2014

Charleston station ‘MacGyvers’ forecast after computer crash

A Charleston station used some quick thinking and low tech materials to save its weather forecast. Down at WCIV-TV, the ABC affiliate in Charleston, S.C., a computer glitch caused the station’s weather system to go offline before Dave Williams‘ forecast. Left with no other options, anchor Dean Stevens scratched out a five day board on the […]

December 1, 2014

Dog jumps on Miami weather desk

We all know the expression “raining cats and dogs” — and apparently an American Bulldog mix named King had heard saying too. King, who was appearing on WTVJ-TV, the NBC O&O in Miami, as part of the station’s pet adoption segment, just couldn’t wait his turn and decided he would help out with the weather. […]

November 19, 2014

‘Not Ass Cold’ in Kansas City

Kansas City forecaster Gary Amble had some good news to report — the weather was going to be warmer — but the way it was phrased, as a result of the typo, ended up sounding like a teenager wrote the fullscreen graphic. Instead of reading as “Not As Cold” (notice the single “s” in “As”), the […]

November 13, 2014

NBC hit with two ‘peeing’ incidents: First forecaster, now #Rokerthon

Move over Movember. Not now, No-Shave November. At NBC the peacock has apparently declared it Pee-vember. Twice in as many weeks NBC has been hit with two incidents that, depending on who you talk to, may or may not have involved on air talent relieving themselves on air — but either way there was certainly […]

November 13, 2014

‘Today’ converts small side room to studio for 34 hour forecast

One of NBC News‘ big sweeps stunts is a (hopefully) recording breaking 34-hour long weather forecast presented by Al Roker. For the forecast, the “Today Show” converted a small room off of the Studio 1A‘s Orange Room into a studio for Roker. The room has a narrow wall of windows that overlooks Rockefeller Plaza, allowing […]

October 31, 2014

‘Bare-bones’ look at the weather in Louisville

Happy Halloween! Jude “Bones” Redfield, a forecaster for WDRB-TV, the Fox affiliate in Louisville, got into the Halloween spirit by presenting the forecast with a plastic skeleton attached to a green shirt and pants. The result? When he stepped in front of the chroma key wall, his body below his next was keyed out and […]

October 17, 2014

Grand Rapids forecaster falls victim to spider prank

National Face Your Fears Day was Oct. 14 and one station saw that as opportunity to play a prank on one of its own. Kelly Smith, a forecaster at the Grand Rapids, Mich. Fox affiliate WXMI-TV, has a bit arachnophobia — something that was apparently well known around the station. So her thoughtful production team […]

October 3, 2014

Philly ABC WX promo: ‘Who do you think I am?’

WPVI-TV, the ABC O&O in Philadelphia is airing promos spotlighting forecaster Cecily Tynan centering around the theme of her name being synonymous with weather forecasting. The first scene includes two office workers speculating on the weekend’s weather. The overly enthusiastic male worker is eager to plant begonias, while his gloomy female coworker responds with a sarcastic […]

October 2, 2014

‘Giant’ bee ‘attacks’ Indiana forecaster

Poor Jennifer Ketchmark. The Indianapolis forecaster was going about her business giving her daily weather update when a “giant” bee had to go and ruin it for her. The (curious?) bee decided to check out the camera Ketchmark was using to show a bird’s eye … err, bee’s eye … view of the city and flew into […]